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    Booty Bin is a premium geeky mystery box for those who love Gaming, Sci-Fi, Comics, Anime, Gadgets and all other Nerdom. Purchase a Booty Bin filled with sweet booty delivered to your door.

    Every single Booty Bin we ship is different. If you purchase one today then another tomorrow or two months from now your Booty will be different every time!

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  • Our Mascot: Capt. Rose

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    Note: No Longer A Monthly Subscription Service…Now Better Booty Bins for $29+Shipping Each. Buy “One-At-A-Time” model. You pay $35 and will receive one Booty Bin…This is Not a recurring monthly subscription.

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    Booty Bin Examples


    • Dr. Who #1 Comic
    • Nerf Jolt Gun
    • Firefly Sticker
    • Transformers Action Figure
    • Zombie Paracord Bracelet
    • Star Wars Lego Set
    • Star Wars Pogs
    • Balsa Wood Plane
    • Other Fun Stuff!
    *exact items may vary


    • The Walking Dead Plush
    • Magic The Gathering Starter Pack
    • Iron Man Action Figure
    • Ghostbusters Comic
    • TMNT Action Figure
    • Halo + Goonies Sticker
    • Hex Bug Nano
    • Space Time Watch
    • Other Fun Stuff!
    *exact items may vary
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      • 7+ Awesome Geeky Items
      • Shipped USPS Priority

    After purchase Booty Bin will be shipped within 2-3 Business days via USPS Priority Mail. Average delivery time is 2-4 days from ship date. We are no longer a recurring subscription service. Each purchase is for one mystery box.